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Felt’s Bruhaul E-Cargo gets loaded

electric cyclery laguna beach california

Felt’s new Bruhaul electric cargo bike arrived last week and we wasted no time loading it up.  With threaded bolt holes all over the frame and beefy rear cargo rack, the Brühaul can adapt to any cargo configuration in minutes. Once its loaded up, the stiffness of the frame, enhanced by a tapered headtube, allows the Felt Brühaul …

Jim Felt’s Fat Electric Outfitter

electric cyclery laguna beach california

Since 2010, the Felt Outfitter has been a special project close to the heart of Felt Electric’s founder, Jim Felt. Jim is an outdoor guy and he saw a need to create an electric bike for clean and quiet transport in and out of the wilderness. Quiet, clean and most important – low impact, the Felt …

Felt Electric hits Laguna

felt electric

The Felt Electric Nine-e bikes arrived today, oh joy. We’ve been looking forward to Felts new electric line with anticipation since we had the opportunity to test ride back in March. Electric Cyclery is ecstatic that Felt has released an electric version of the world famous Felt Nine. Not 20 minutes out of the box (its …