Two new high-speed bikes from Yamaha

Coming Summer 2022, Yamaha is introducing two all-new, class 3, power assist bicycles: the Wabash RT and the CrossCore RC, e-Bikes built from the ground up with the all new Yamaha PW Series ST drive unit, frame and internally integrated batteries.

The Wabash RT is a performance drop-bar gravel bike designed for long hauls off-road and a tough-as-dirt attitude on all roads, while the CrossCore RC is a versatile lifestyle and fitness-focused bike with a flat handlebar, ergonomic grips and a riding position made for extended fitness, commuting, and any journey one desires.

crosscore rc yamaha

“Both of our new models are stylish performance e-Bikes that bring rider and machine together as one for adventures right out of the garage,” said Drew Engelmann, Yamaha’s Power Assist Bicycle group sales and marketing manager. “Built on Yamaha’s heritage as a pioneering leader in e-Bikes, the Wabash RT is made for paved and unpaved exploration and adventure, while the CrossCore RC redefines ‘commuting by bicycle’ and serves the growing fitness and transit e-Bike market, which grew by approximately 50% in the last year.”

Both the Wabash RT and CrossCore RC integrate 500-watt-hour lithium-ion batteries into their downtubes, thanks to Yamaha’s all-new frame designs which optimize geometry, frame rigidity and weight balance for each bike’s specific purpose.

They are also the first U.S. models to be powered by the company’s new PWSeries ST drive unit, which has four assist modes and an intuitive automatic mode, and provides speed support up to 28 mph with maximum power of 500 watts.

The PWSeries ST is the most natural feeling power assist system on the market because of Yamaha’s proprietary Quad Sensor System, which also supports high cadence pedaling. It adapts immediately and with great efficiency to ride conditions, maintaining smooth transitions through the power assist levels based on data from each of four sensors:

  1. Torque sensor that detects pedaling power from the rider.
  2. Speed sensor integrated into the rear hub that detects the bicycle’s speed.
  3. Crank sensor that detects the number of rotations through pedaling.
  4. Angle sensor that detects the incline of the bike while riding up or down hills.

The Wabash RT and CrossCore RC have four levels of power assist: ECO+, ECO, STANDARD, and HIGH. The bikes also feature Automatic mode, which gives riders a smooth and seamless experience of the power assist system adjusting automatically between ECO, STANDARD, and HIGH for optimal performance.

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