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Felt’s Bruhaul E-Cargo gets loaded

electric cyclery laguna beach california

Felt’s new Bruhaul electric cargo bike arrived last week and we wasted no time loading it up.  With threaded bolt holes all over the frame and beefy rear cargo rack, the Brühaul can adapt to any cargo configuration in minutes. Once its loaded up, the stiffness of the frame, enhanced by a tapered headtube, allows the Felt Brühaul …

The Copenhagen Wheel doesn’t suck

electric cyclery laguna beach california

In fact, it surpassed our expectations by leaps and bounds. Some say, “They cracked it.” Copenhagen Wheel by SuperPedestrian test rider at Interbike 2015: Craig “Daws” Dawson, electric bicycle enthusiast and founder of Spoke Bicycle Insurance.  

Save $500 on Evo Street or Jet

electric cyclery laguna beach california

Save $500 on the Easy Motion Evo Jet and the popular step-thru Evo Street during September only. For amazing savings on an amazing electric bike visit the BH Easy Motion website, download the coupon and bring it to Electric Cyclery.  For online orders, send a copy of the coupon to and Electric Cyclery will provide a special …

Bionx in a Bag

electric cyclery laguna beach california

Going back to the Wavecrest Tidalforce days, the Montague folding bike has always been a good candidate for an electric conversion. Electric Cyclery has been installing Bionx motors on Montague folding mountain bikes since 2004 with amazing results.  Over the years, bike and motor designs have evolved, but the concept remains the same. A high performance …

Eleven years on a Bionx Recumbent

electric cyclery laguna beach california

Lou had us install a Bionx P350 on his Rans Recumbent in 2004. 22,000 miles, two batteries and eleven years later, he’s back for an upgrade to the Bionx D500 electric bike conversion kit.  August 4, 2004   April 11, 2015   Thanks to Lou for his continued support and we wish him many more safe and …