Mystery Installation

What is that yellow chariot thing in front of Electric Cyclery?  It’s a pedal-operated time machine of our own design.  It only goes forward in time and really slowly, a little faster if you’re having a good time.

clue hoo electric cycleryIt is also a “clue producing gadget” for ClueHoo, an app-based, interactive urban scavenger hunt currently operating in Laguna Beach.

An enjoyable activity for groups of all sizes, ClueHoo is essentially a walking tour of Laguna Beach with puzzles, riddles and lots of interactive clues.

Southern California locals are in luck because ClueHoo is using Laguna as a testing ground before expanding to cities across North America. Check out ClueHoo online and book your adventure. Its a great way to get to know our lovely little town and something fun to do while we’re working on your bike.

cluehoo_electric_cycleryThere are 42 ClueHoo gadgets scattered around Laguna Beach but ours is unique and electric bike themed.

Designed in cooperation with Electric Cyclery, the ClueHoo Chariot uses a retired Bionx motor to activate a device in our workshop window.

We can’t say more – its supposed to be a mystery.

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