Who was that masked man?

jarritos electric cyclery

The Jarritos Urban Luchador recently and unexpectedly dropped by the Electric Cyclery showroom bringing menacing vibes and refreshing gifts for customers and staff alike.

Known for dramatic entrances, the Urban Luchador seemed threatening at first. His presence suggested imminent danger but he turned out to be a friend to all.

The mysterious masked man quickly unloaded a few ice cold cases of delicious Jarritos Mexican Soda (That’s Jarritos fruit flavored sodas made with natural ingredients and real sugar.) while never saying a word.

electric_cyclery_jarritos The Urban Luchador seemed to relax after a while and even performed some random feats of strength for the crowd that had gathered.

Then as suddenly as he came, the Jarritos Urban Luchador hopped on one of our electric test ride bikes and he was gone, last seen heading south on the Pacific Coast Highway. We wish him well.

He’s not from here.

Respect the Mask.

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