BOOGALOO Electric Mountain Bike Race

The BOOGALOO eMTB Race presented by Troy Lee Designs and Bosch eBike Systems, made its 2nd and final stop for the 2017 season on Nov 4th, in conjunction with the 4 & 8 hr SoCal Endurance Series.electric boogaloo electric bike race

This second leg of the two-stage 2017 Boogaloo featured long twisty climbs, hair-pin singletrack downhills, pump track style table-tops, and rhythm sections for some fun air time.

This Boogaloo was a on a hybrid cross-country/enduro style course (three minutes per lap). Enduro (all mountain) races are hybrid of cross country and downhill mountain biking. This kind of race tests the all round mountain biker on big up and big down terrain, requiring the fitness of cross-country racing and technical ability of downhill racing.

Both races sold out, with over 60 athletes from Hollywood to San Diego competing for the $2000 cash purse, power tools, and Boogalicous glory.

The Pro race was a spectacle to see. Racing legends like Brian Lopes, Richie Schley, Victor Sheldon, and Stikman battled alongside up and coming young bucks like Evander Hughes, Max Lee, and Max Sedlak. In the end, the podium was pretty well split by both.

All in all, the Boogaloo was a bonafide good time not only for the racers, but the hundreds of spectators that gathered round the finish line and up the mountain to cheer on their favorite riders.


Pro Division
​1st – Victor Sheldon
​2nd – Evander Hughes
3rd – Spencer Rathcamp
​4th – Brian Lopes
​5th – Chappy Fiene

Amateur Division:
1st – Blake Wray
2nd – Keith Loonsfoot
3rd – Connor Solis
4th – Charles Cofer
​5th – Dylan Granberg

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