Bosch PowerPack 500 long-range battery

bosch_electric_bike_partsElectric Cyclery has the new Bosch PowerPack 500 Watt Hour battery in stock.

Fully compatible with all North American Bosch electric bike systems, the PowerPack 500 is a long-range battery with the capacity to go further and help you get the most out of your Bosch-powered electric bike.

The Bosch PowerPack 500 is currently the most powerful battery available for Bosch-powered electric bikes, it has the same dimensions as the PowerPack 400 and is only slightly heavier yet it extends your e-bike’s range by up to 25%.

Learn to get the most out of your electric bike battery with the Bosch Battery Care Guide.

The standard Bosch battery charger works with the PowerPack 500.

bosch bike 500 battery
Bosch PowerPack 500 Frame-mounted battery
ID : 0-275-007534

bosch rack bike battery
Bosch PowerPack 500 Rear rack-mounted battery
ID : 0-275-007536

bosch electric bike parts

All sales covered by full Bosch warranty.

Order Elby Online from Electric Cyclery

electric-bike-elbyElectric Cyclery is fully stocked with Elby electric bikes and for a limited time we are offering free shipping on all Elbys shipped in the continental USA.

Elby is the hottest bike on the market at the moment and we expect to run out fairly quickly so be sure to order your Elby sooner rather than later.

The brainchild of automotive design and manufacturing legends Frank Stronach and Fred Gingl, Elby is a revolutionary re-think of the electric bike that is best described as “a pedal-assist electric bicycle that’s attractive, versatile and confidence-inspiring from the first pedal stroke.”

elby nine speed electric cyclerySimply apply the lightest of pressure to Elby’s pedals and hang on, the acceleration is instantaneous.

The moment you climb aboard Elby and start pedaling the world kind of changes a bit.

You’ll realize the practical applications are endless as Elby silently amplifies your pedal strokes to send you flying up hills with little or no effort.

Available in: White, Black, Blue, Silver and Orange

Meet Elby at El Cyclery


elby electric bike now at electric cyclery

Before you buy an e-bike, you owe it to yourself to test ride Elby and compare it side by side with any other electric bike on the market.

Elby will mess with your head.

Point Elby up any hill and feel the awesome power of the Bionx D500 rear hub motor as it silently amplifies your pedal strokes to unreal proportions.

With a range of up to 90 miles and a three year warranty, Elby is a transportation alternative that really works. Envigorating and surprisingly powerful, Elby is a joy to ride.


The Elby electric bike is unisex and in fact almost universal in that it features a “one size fits most” frame that is adaptable to the rider size with an adjustable seat-post and pivoting handlebars that rise to accommodate riders up from 5′ to 6′ 5″.

Elby’s low center of gravity provides a solid, confident ride. Made of lightweight molded aluminum alloy, the Elby electric bike easily carries riders up to 275 lbs (125 kg).

We have a whole shop full of e-bikes and without fail our trusty Elby is everybody’s electric bike of choice for trips and errands around Laguna Beach. So cool and comfortable, it’s hard to pass up. You feel safer on the road because of the regenerative braking and the outstanding lighting system.

electric cyclery presents Elby


Providing safety and security on the road after dark, Elby features a high intensity Supernova lighting system for outstanding visibility front and rear. Loaded with useful extras, Elby is a safe electric bicycle that makes you feel secure on the road and in traffic.

Elby’s thought of everything including a rear rack system with an integrated fender that will handle panniers and cargo that weighs up to 50 pounds and a heavy-duty kickstand to prevent tip-overs when the bike is loaded up.



elby electric bike

Available in Nine-Speed and Single-Speed editions.

Stop by Electric Cyclery for a test ride

2017 Blix bikes at Electric Cyclery

Blix electric bike


The new Blix have arrived and they are looking NICE with the cool style and uber-practical add-ons we’ve come to expect from Swedish bike designers, Blix Electric Bicycles.

The Blix Swedish-standard of quality-control is hard to beat.

Although made in China, Blix and their partners Cycle of Sweden oversee every aspect of the manufacturing process. From battery to motor controls, Blix understands that the bike needs to arrive ready to ride and trouble-free with the confidence that comes with high-level quality control.

This stuff works right out of the box. Go Vikings!

Blix is based in Santa Cruz, California which is a super cool place to be and they work directly with suppliers who have been providing the Scandinavian market with electric bicycles since 2006 while developing a road-tested line of affordable, user-friendly and well-designed electric commuter bicycles for the US market.

blix electric bike aveny

Introducing the ultra-practical, super-fun Blix Aveny.

The Blix Aveny electric bike is classical European bicycle design at its best. With the choice of a low step-through or traditional diamond-style aluminum alloy frame, you’re sure to find an Aveny that suits you.

Mixing style with practicality, the Blix Aveny electric bike features a swivel front rack with a handy cup holder and bamboo base and rear rack.

Blix Komfort+, a beautifully simple electric bike that will provide years of dedicated service.

blix bike comfort creamBlix designed the Komfort+ to simplify your life. Electric biking is all about having the freedom to get around hassle-free.

Without traffic jams or parking issues, the Blix Komfort+ electric bike is designed to be there for you as a truly viable mean of transportation, everyday.

You can also take advantage of the battery-saving pedal assist modes or use the handy thumb throttle at any time without pedaling at all. Available in small sizes.

vika travel blix electric bike cyclery

Blix Vika Travel -Portable Folding Electric Bike

Weighing in at 36 pounds (very light for an electric bike), the Vika Travel easily folds into a transportable size. The Vika Travel folding electric bike provides a far superior way to travel with your bike.

This foldable electric bike with 16″ wheels has a front-wheel 250 watt motor that assists for up to 30 miles. Fit the Blix Vika Travel into a bike bag, stash in your RV, bring on a boat, or store in a closet.

blix prima

Mid-Drive power from the Blix Komfort Prima

The Komfort Prima is powered by the Shimano Steps system and features a strong and quiet mid-drive motor, combined with sophisticated speed and torque sensors that measure your pedaling speed and power to provide just the right amount of electric assist.

With a battery range of up to 90 miles, the Blix Komfort Prima pushes the boundaries of where you can explore. It’s designed to be there for you as a truly viable mean of transportation.

Loaded with extras, all Blix electric bikes feature puncture-resistant tires, front and rear fenders, rear racks as well as front and rear mounted LED lights powered directly from the battery. A full package.

Electric Cyclery offers the Blix electric bikes in a range of sizes for riders from 5′ to 6’4″ with the option of a 36 Volt 11 Amp hour battery (up to 45 miles per charge) or an upgraded, 36 Volt 17.5 Amp hour, long range battery pack (up to 60 miles per charge).

Test ride the 2017 Blix line-up at Electric Cyclery.

New Bionx Controls are Backwards-Compatable

bionx electric bike partsGround-breaking motor/system controller interface improvements and innovations that were previously only available to OEM electric bike manufacturers are finally available as upgrades to existing Bionx electric bike systems going back to 2009.

The sweetest thing is that all these new accessories are totally backwards-compatible. Meaning that if you bought a Bionx system or an OEM bike powered by Bionx after 2009, all this super-cool new stuff will absolutely work with your Bionx-powered bicycle. A huge thank you to Bionx for your forward thinking and for supporting your early-adapters after all these years. Awesome work, nice job!

Bionx RC3 Controllerbionx rc3 control
With its user-freindly design and intuitive multi-functionality, the RC3 provides a new level of control to the Bionx bicycle motor system. The Bionx RC3 is a stand-alone controller and throttle for the Bionx electric bike systems that replaces the G2 console from previous models but can also be paired with the BionX DS3 Display for more data and Bluetooth connectivity.

Bionx DS3 display consolebionx ds3 rs2 electric bike controls
The Bionx DS3 display attaches to the middle of your handlebars with  full-color graphics and multiple display styles. The DS3 is remotely operated by the Bionx RC3 Controller, so you can concentrate on the ride and make adjustments quickly and safely.

With Bluetooth connectivity, the DS3 becomes a data center for your electric bike pairing with your phone to provide system information, navigation and the latest improvements to the Bionx system.

bionx light setBionx Integrated Light Set
The Bionx electric bike light set includes a blinding 2000 lumen front light and 50 lumen rear light that are powered by the Bionx bike battery so you never have to worry about running out of light.

See the road ahead clearly and be seen from behind with the brightest electric bike lighting system available. Installation is easy-peezy with all the necessary mounts and cables included with the Bionx All-Weather Light Kit.

Bionx Bluetooth Modulebionx bluetooth module adapter
The Bionx Bluetooth adapter device provides direct Bluetooth connectivity to your Bionx System and allows monitoring of your bike charge status, elevation and route progress.

Simply plug it into the new Bionx RC3 controller on the handle bar, download the Bionx App and pair it with your smart phone.The Bionx Smart route planner indicates how much battery power is remaining for a potential route and assures you won’t run out of power.


Copenhagen Wheel arrives

copenhagen wheel californiaIt took a while to get to California (3 years and 17 days, who’s) but our Copenhagen Wheel finally arrived and it was clearly worth the wait.

We are most impressed with the intelligent design and peppy performance. Plus, it is very red.

The Copenhagen Wheel is a single rear hub that contains a motor, batteries, multiple sensors, wireless connectivity and an embedded control system. The entire system is wireless, controlled by a phone app.

copenhagen wheel electric cycleryElectric Cyclery will not be selling The Wheel but we will be assisting customers as a Copenhagen Wheel Service Partner offering installation and repair services.

The Copenhagen Wheel is available online from manufacturers Superpedestrian in Cambridge, Massachusetts.