Electric Cyclery unlocks Bionx

California Electric bike laws legalCalifornia leads the nation in e bike legislation.
In response to California’s new e-bike definitions that went into effect January 1, 2016, Bionx now offers high-speed settings for California residents.

With Bionx’s unique motor programming software, Electric Cyclery now is able to pre-set your Bionx kit to comply with any of the three classes of street-legal electric bikes.

Class 1 e-bike, or low-speed pedal-assisted electric bicycle, is equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling and that stops providing assistance when the bicycle reaches 20 mph.

Class 2 e-bike, or low-speed throttle-assisted electric bicycle, is equipped with a motor that can exclusively propel the bicycle and that cannot provide assistance when the bike reaches 20 mph.

Class 3 e-bike, or speed pedal-assisted electric bicycle, is equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling and stops providing assistance when the bicycle reaches 28 mph. No Throttle.

Electric Cyclery unlocks the power of Bionx
Software setting changes to unlock Bionx speed limitations are done at authorized Bionx dealers and are currently only available to California residents.  When ordering, please choose the appropriate CA CLASS setting. Your throttle will be disabled but you’ll be able to ride as fast as your bike’s gearing will allow.

No more “throwing out the anchor” at 20 mph. And, it doesn’t void your Bionx Warranty.

bionx electric bikeGreat News for Electric Cyclery California customers 
We’ve sold thousands of Bionx kits over the years and most of them to Californians.  If you bought a Bionx kit from Electric Cyclery after June 2009, bring it in for a free Class 3 high-speed upgrade. It will be great to see you again!

If you’re not an Electric Cyclery customer, we’ll upgrade your Bionx kit for a $45 fee.  Just stop by with your bike, it will only take a few minutes.

Save $500 on Evo Street or Jet

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Save $500 on the Easy Motion Evo Jet and the popular step-thru Evo Street during September only.

For amazing savings on an amazing electric bike visit the BH Easy Motion website, download the coupon and bring it to Electric Cyclery.  For online orders, send a copy of the coupon to sales@electriccyclery.com and Electric Cyclery will provide a special $500 discount code to use during check out.



The E-Motion Evo Street is an electric city bike with a step-through frame and a top set of components including a dynamo hub front and rear lighting system and an adjustable handlebar stem for extra comfort.

Available in 18 inch (medium) frame.

Normally $2999, now $2499 with coupon


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The E-Motion Evo Jet is a comfort oriented electric hybrid style bike. With its lower step-over height, classic city bike styling and cushy front suspension, the Evo Jet is an ideal electric bike for zipping around town.

Available in 19 and 21 inch frames.

Normally $2999, now $2499 with coupon


Visit the BH Easy Motion website and download the September Special coupon.
For more information, contact Electric Cyclery.

Offer ends September 30, 2015