OneWheel Plus now in stock

onewheel plus electric cycleryThe super-popular and hard to get Onewheel Plus is currently in stock at Electric Cyclery while supplies last.

Onewheel Plus is a major upgrade.

The ride is a dream come true with noticeable improvements on every level. With improved sensors under the redesigned contour footpads for better control and a new motor that’s designed for the long-haul, Onewheel + (Plus) is miles ahead of anything on the market.

Test rides available.


Copenhagen Wheel Year-End Sale

Super Pedestrian’s Copenhagen Wheel Five Days of Deals is happening now and Electric Cyclery has discount codes for you.


Order your Copenhagen Wheel Electric Bike and be sure do it before December 13th to take full advantage of these year-end extraordinary offers on this extraordinary electric bike system.

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copenhagen wheel discount sale

The Copenhagen Wheel super year-end sale at Electric Cyclery is from December 9th to 14th 2017.

Daily deals on the Copenhagen Wheel will appear in the coming days.

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