2015 E-motion Nitro and Evo

electric cyclery laguna beach california

We’re excited about the new generation 2015 electric bikes from Easy Motion USA.  Making its North American debut, the super sleek E-Motion Evo line is well known in Europe for long range reliability.

easy motion electric bikesFunctional design and a low step-over height make the Evo Cross, Evo Jet or the affordable Evo Eco Lite excellent choices for an electric city bike.

Also new to the USA, the Neo Nitro Cross and Neo Nitro City are high speed bikes with 500 watt motors and 48 volt lithium battery packs.

A combination of lightweight, high power and long range make the BH E Motion bicycles a huge step forward in the world of electric bikes.

Another huge e-Motion advantage is the best warranty on the market: Five years for the motor + electronics and two years for the battery.

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Test rides are available at Electric Cyclery

Jim Felt’s Fat Electric Outfitter

electric cyclery laguna beach california

felt outfitter electric fat bikeSince 2010, the Felt Outfitter has been a special project close to the heart of Felt Electric’s founder, Jim Felt.

Jim is an outdoor guy and he saw a need to create an electric bike for clean and quiet transport in and out of the wilderness.

Quiet, clean and most important – low impact, the Felt Outfitter electric fat bike is an outdoor enthusiast’s ticket  to those special remote places far off the beaten track.

felt outfitter electric bike fat mtbThe Outfitter fat bike from Felt Electric includes Old Man of the Mountain front and rear racks for loads of gear and a Stella 300 lumen front light for getting back to camp after dark.

It also comes equipped with high-quality SRAM hydraulic disc brakes, SRAM X1 11-speed drive – a top of the line component set and drive train that you can rely to get you and your gear into the wild.

With Camo Print, 26″ x 4” wide tires, Bosch’s greatest 400Wh battery and 350W motor technology, the powerful Outfitter will take you places where no other electric bike will go.

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