Volta – the future staring us right in the face

With its cool look and the battery invisibly built into the frame, we are convinced the Pure Volta is the next stage of e-bike development. Plus it is a truly excellent ride.

Wpure volta electric bikeith its ultra-modern design and hidden battery, Pure Volta is the future of electric bikes staring us right in the face.

Only 37lbs. total weight, it feels like a normal bike but the 250w pedal-assist power-train more than delivers.

Pure Bikes of Los Angeles is known for it’s cool fixie single-speeds and stylish city bikes. Of course they had to go electric and the results are astounding.

The Pure Volta represents the next step in electric bike battery technology.

volta-pure-electric-bikeThe Pure Volta is now available in a belt drive – single speed or a chain drive with eight speed gearing.

Where’s the battery?
Its in the top-tube, accessible from a door behind the font basket and can be replaced when needed by a qualified technician.

Totally undetectable, the Volta from Pure Cycles features a 10s2p 2.9Ah cell Panasonic Lithium Ion Battery (36V, 5.8 Ah) with a range of up to 40 miles.

Full control and security with the Volta Phone App
The Pure Volta App provides surprisingly cool features like a GPS bike locator that notifies you if your bike has been moved and a lock-down mode that prevents your Volta from being ridden without your permission.pure volta belt drive electric bike

Full control of the Volta is at your fingertips with one of the best e-bike apps out there.

Awesome Lighting for safe night rides
We love the lighting system on the Pure Volta.

The integrated headlight automatically activates in low-light conditions and best of all, the Volta’s rear light brightens like car brake lights when you squeeze the brake levers.

Great job Pure Cycles! We salute you.

Test ride at Electric Cyclery “We’ve got this big hill out back.”

Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles

yamaha electric bikeWe are excited about the new electric bikes from Yamaha. Yamaha invented the world’s first electrically power assisted bicycle with a prototype way back in 1989.


In 1993 Yamaha began sales of the PAS (Power Assisted Bicycle) in Japan. It became very popular there and provided a much need boost to the alternative transportation movement.

From the ground-breaking PAS introduced in 1993 to the industry-leading PW system introduced in 2016, they’ve sold over 2 million electric bikes in Japan and over 4 million Yamaha e-bike drive units worldwide.

It’s with excitement and great anticipation that Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles are now available to US outdoor enthusiasts looking for new adventure and excitement.

1995 yamaha bike motor

Yamaha’s extensive research and development led to the first prototype modern electric bicycle way back in the 1980’s.

Read about the  History of the Yamaha Electric Bike.

Since the early beginnings of electric bikes, Yamaha has been innovating to deliver electric bike systems that over-perform in real-world situations.

Yamaha is years ahead of the competition mostly because they had a 30-year head-start.

2018 Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles at Electric Cyclery

yamaha electric bicycles cross connect CrossConnect
The Yamaha CrossConnect  is a stylish and practical electric bike that helps you take back your day.

A quick and comfortable errand-runner, the CrossConnect features Yamaha’s superior power-assist technology with urban-riding features like a rear cargo rack, fenders and lights.


yamaha urban rush

A sleek and fast transportation option, the UrbanRush provides the power you need and traditional road-style ride.

The Yamaha UrbanRush electric bike combines the efficiency of a road bike with drop bars and bar-end shifters with Yamaha’s superior power-assist bicycle technology for an unrivaled ride down the open road.


yamaha electric mountain bicycles ydx torc

YDX Torc
The Yamaha YDX Torc is a hard-tail electric mountain bike that features the lighter, off-road Yamaha PW-X motor.

Quick as a jack rabbit, the YDX Torc features Yamaha’s superior power-assist technology for an unrivaled ride from a name you can trust.


yamaha crosscore electric bike


The Yamaha CrossCore electric bike combines the efficiency of a road bike, the ergonomic comfort of a flat handlebar hybrid and the smooth power of the Yamaha PW motor.

High Speed Settings for Elby

high speed elby 28 mphElectric Cyclery offers Class 3 high-speed settings (up to 28 mph) for the Elby electric bikes.

Class 2 (20 mph pedal-assist with throttle) or Class 3 (28 mph pedal-assist only) settings are available for Elby electric bikes.

Class 3 settings are currently only available to residents of California, Utah, Colorado, Arkansas, Illinois and Tennessee.

Test ride at Electric Cyclery.

Onewheel Wheel Talk – ep 1-3

Onewheel has a new web series called ‘Wheel Talk’. It’s a behind the scenes look at all things Onewheel. So far there are three episodes live and new episodes are on the way.


Episode 1: Onewheel Go Kart, Onewheel Art, and Let’s get a Christmas Tree.


Episode 2: An epic 300 mile journey from Palm Springs to Las Vegas on a Onewheel+ XR .


Episode 3: Onewheel Groups/Gangs and a Onewheel Vocab Lesson

Onewheel Plus is now available at Electric Cyclery

Elby announces lower 2018 MSRP

elby bike innovations awardsIn a bold move to offer a superior electric bike that’s more affordable, Elby has announced new pricing as of February 1, 2018.

Elby Nine-Speed and Single-Speed electric bikes are now only $3299 making Elby the best value high-powered electric bike on the market.


Elby was recently reviewed in Forbes Magazine:

elby s1 electric bike saleThen there’s how smooth it is across the board — everything from the gear shifting to the ride suspension is effortless and blissful. The model I’ve been riding is the 9-speed rendition, although there is also a single-speed version available. Its padded seat is heavenly. The balloon flat-free tires help mute any street bumps. There’s a throttle button you can push: As long as its held down, the bike will accelerate up to 20 miles per hour on its own, so you can rest your legs.

But I like to pedal. And the bike’s electric pedal assist is both noticeable and subtle when you engage it — not jerky as some systems can be. This one can be set to four positive levels, to enhance your pedaling ability, and four negatives, for use on downhills to engage the regenerative brakes. Meaning it actually creates and stores its own battery power that you might need later in your ride.

Read the entire article here.

Montague Folding Bike with Copenhagen Wheel

The legendary Montague Urban folding bike meets the also quite legendary Copenhagen Wheel to create a full-size, folding electric bike that is fast, reliable and truly state of the art.

copenhagen wheel folding electric bike

The Montague Copenhagen (Montahagen?) folds up and fits in the closet or the trunk of your car so there’s no need for a bike rack. The Montague Copenhagen full-size folding electric bike is a portable electric transportation solution that packs up and stashes away. Out of sight until you need it and then you’re away.

You really can take it with you. The possibilities are limitless.

Invented at MIT and developed by Superpedestrian’s team of leading robotics engineers, the Copenhagen Wheel redefines e-bike technologies.

Through extensive research and development efforts in advanced sensing and controls, as well as innovative product design, the Copenhagen Wheel enables an unparalleled riding experience.

copenhagen wheel


The Electric Cyclery Package includes the Montague Urban folding bike with the Copenhagen Wheel electric assist system, rear RackStand and Montague folding bike carry-bag.

IN-STORE ONLYNo online orders.

Folding Bike Sizes: 17 inch (Small), 19 inch (Medium) and 21 inch (Large) frame sizes. Most sizes are usually in stock but call ahead for size availability.

copenhagen electric cycleryThe Legendary Copenhagen Wheel from SuperPedestrian  –  invented by MIT.
The Copenhagen Wheel contains a custom motor, advanced sensors, control systems and a battery. Bluetooth connectivity enables you to personalize your cycling experience from your smartphone. Distances shorten, hills flatten and the experience becomes uniquely yours, ride by ride.

Invented at MIT and developed by Superpedestrian’s team of leading robotics engineers, the Wheel redefines e-bike technologies and takes it to the next level.

Through extensive research and development efforts in advanced sensing and controls, as well as innovative product design, the Copenhagen Wheel enables an unparalleled riding experience.

Test ride at Electric Cyclery.

OneWheel Plus now in stock

onewheel plus electric cycleryThe super-popular and hard to get Onewheel Plus is currently in stock at Electric Cyclery while supplies last.

Onewheel Plus is a major upgrade.

The ride is a dream come true with noticeable improvements on every level. With improved sensors under the redesigned contour footpads for better control and a new motor that’s designed for the long-haul, Onewheel + (Plus) is miles ahead of anything on the market.

Test rides available.


Copenhagen Wheel Year-End Sale

Super Pedestrian’s Copenhagen Wheel Five Days of Deals is happening now and Electric Cyclery has discount codes for you.


Order your Copenhagen Wheel Electric Bike and be sure do it before December 13th to take full advantage of these year-end extraordinary offers on this extraordinary electric bike system.

Do yourself a favor and contact Electric Cyclery before you order.

We have top-secret Copenhagen Wheel discount codes that may be of use.

copenhagen wheel discount sale

The Copenhagen Wheel super year-end sale at Electric Cyclery is from December 9th to 14th 2017.

Daily deals on the Copenhagen Wheel will appear in the coming days.

Your friends at Electric Cyclery have top secret check-out codes that will save you loads at check out.

Contact Electric Cyclery for daily offer details.

BOOGALOO Electric Mountain Bike Race

The BOOGALOO eMTB Race presented by Troy Lee Designs and Bosch eBike Systems, made its 2nd and final stop for the 2017 season on Nov 4th, in conjunction with the 4 & 8 hr SoCal Endurance Series.electric boogaloo electric bike race

This second leg of the two-stage 2017 Boogaloo featured long twisty climbs, hair-pin singletrack downhills, pump track style table-tops, and rhythm sections for some fun air time.

This Boogaloo was a on a hybrid cross-country/enduro style course (three minutes per lap). Enduro (all mountain) races are hybrid of cross country and downhill mountain biking. This kind of race tests the all round mountain biker on big up and big down terrain, requiring the fitness of cross-country racing and technical ability of downhill racing.

Both races sold out, with over 60 athletes from Hollywood to San Diego competing for the $2000 cash purse, power tools, and Boogalicous glory.

The Pro race was a spectacle to see. Racing legends like Brian Lopes, Richie Schley, Victor Sheldon, and Stikman battled alongside up and coming young bucks like Evander Hughes, Max Lee, and Max Sedlak. In the end, the podium was pretty well split by both.

All in all, the Boogaloo was a bonafide good time not only for the racers, but the hundreds of spectators that gathered round the finish line and up the mountain to cheer on their favorite riders.


Pro Division
​1st – Victor Sheldon
​2nd – Evander Hughes
3rd – Spencer Rathcamp
​4th – Brian Lopes
​5th – Chappy Fiene

Amateur Division:
1st – Blake Wray
2nd – Keith Loonsfoot
3rd – Connor Solis
4th – Charles Cofer
​5th – Dylan Granberg