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kalkhoff tasman electric bike  made in germany Kalkhoff Tasman Classic -  The Kalkhoff Tasman electric bike is a vintage cruiser made at Derby Cycles in Germany. With a range up to 127 miles per charge, 8 speed Nexus internal gearing, Brooks leather seat and Brooks lace leather grips, the Kalkhoff Tasman is vibrant, classic and stylish with a powerful twist.


bionx montague folding electric bike

Hey, what's in the bag?

Nothing sir. Just a folding electric tactical military-grade folding paratrooper bike with a Bionx D500.  Nothing to see here.

kalkhoff electric cyclery

Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

Developed, tested and manufactured in Germany since 1919, Kalkhoff is one of Europe's most popular electric bikes.

electric bike gear

Accessorize your ride

Add a little flair. Check out our massive selection of bicycle locks, lights, racks, baskets, helmets, and safety gear.

spoke bicycle insurance

Electric Bike Insurance

Spoke Bicycle Insurance policies cover bicycle theft and damage, liability coverage even 24-hour roadside assistance.