optibike electric bike

Optibike combines speed, long run times, and exceptional hill-climbing ability in what is clearly the best overall electric bicycle on the market.

And that’s putting it mildly. Each bike is hand built in Boulder, Colorado by a team of professionals with an eye for detail and a taste for speed.

This is the ultimate in 21st century mad scientist technology at work here. These beautiful and brilliant maniacs have successfully extended the limits of electric bike technology with a unique and incredibly
innovative design.

Range: 45 miles – electric only;
57 miles – moderate pedaling

Top Speed: 28 mph – light pedal assist

optibike electric cycleryOptibike’s blurring speed is achieved with Derivative Power Control,(DPC) which allows for incredible acceleration while still providing super long run times. When accelerating or shifting, DPC provides huge bursts of power. State-of- the-art, fuzzy logic programmed into the Optibike computer continually adjusts the power to provide for optimal distance. Optibike is designed from the ground up for the highest performance, safety, and ease of operation. But most importantly, Optibike is way faster and runs way longer than any other electric bike on the market.

As if high speed and extended range wasn’t enough,
Optibike has front and rear long travel suspension with fast stopping disc brakes that provide a safe feeling from being able to stop quickly when you have to. The fully integrated package provides the utmost in convenience, allowing the rider to ride on-road, off-road, and up or down the steepest of hills.

optibike custom frameThe Optibike Frame

The Optibike frame houses the battery inside and keeps the weight of the battery low and centered on the bike. The Optibike frame is made entirely in the USA from aircraft grade 60/61 aluminum. The aluminum monocoque frame houses all of the electronics inside to protect them from the elements, impact, and your eyes.  And yes, Optibikes are waterproof.

Motorized Bottom Bracket

The Motorized Bottom Bracket (MBB) drive system is the most efficient drive system for an electric bicycle. Because the MBB allows the rider to pedal in tandem with the motor, both the rider’s legs and the motor benefit from the gearing.

Proprietary Lithium-ion Battery

The 22ah 36v battery used in the Optibike is the largest battery offered in an electric bicycle today—and it is warrantied for 3 years or 30,000 miles. The Lithium-ion cells used by Optibike are the same cells used in the Tesla electric car and have more power than any other electric bike battery.


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