Goodyear County Tire, 700C x 35C, Tubeless Ready


Goodyear County Tire is at home on paved or dirt roads with a mixed tread that is smooth on top with a few side knobs for loose terrain.

This efficient tread pattern combined with a high-volume robust construction combine to create a bike tire that goes where you go.

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goodyear bike tires

Mating an efficient tread pattern with a high-volume and robust construction, the Goodyear County bike tire is a versatile companion at home on any surface.

Widely-spaced side knobs offer confidence on loose terrain while a smooth center tread minimizes rolling resistance.

Goodyear’s R:Wall sidewalls and Tubeless Complete construction ensure enhanced durability and fewer flats when the going gets rough.

700x35mm based on 19mm inner rim.

The Goodyear name first appeared on a tire — a bicycle tire, to be precise — in 1898. Since then, Goodyear and the legendary Winged Foot™ logo have been synonymous with victory, dominating the winner’s circle across the entire spectrum of motorsports.

Goodyear tires have shouldered heavy-duty work on everything from airplanes to Zambonis. They’ve rolled on the moon and have helped steer millions of motorists along their journeys.


Now, 120 years after they’re original offering, Goodyear Bike Tires is proud to introduce a new line of performance bicycle tires. Developed with Rubber Kinetics, the Goodyear line utilizes refined compounds and casings, each purpose-built for their intended environments.

With Tubeless Complete™ designs focused on modern electric bike usage and sizes, Goodyear premium bicycle tires offer leading-edge performance in traction, wear, rolling efficiency and puncture resistance.