Bionx Light Set, Front and Rear


The Bionx electric bike light set includes a blinding 2000 lumen front light and 50 lumen rear light that are powered by your Bionx bike battery so you never have to worry about running out of light as long as the bike is powered.

Easy installation with all necessary mounts and cables included.

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The Bionx light set boasts an amazingly bright 2000 lumens in its front light to illuminate the road ahead of you even at higher speeds.

With the choice of a stead beam or high, medium and low flash settings, the Bionx light set is easy to install and includes all the mounts and cables.

Technical Specifications:
• Front Light Max. Output: 2000 Lumens
• Front Light Voltage: 6V
• Rear Light Max. Output: 50 Lumens
• Rear Light Voltage: 6V
• Connector: 2.1mm DC Barrel Connector (5.5mm OD)

Installation Notes:

The High Output Light Set is plugged into the DC output found on most BionX systems – check the back of the downtube battery harness or the underside of a rear rack harness for this connector. This light set does not require any additional programming on the system, it’s plug and play!

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