Supernova M99 E6, Electric Bike Tail Light


The M99 E6 rear tail light features five highly efficient LEDs with Supernova’s own Dual Beam technology to make the e-bike visible from afar and from all sides. The brake light lights up with five times the normal brightness and keeps traffic at a distance.

This is the first tail light with an integrated brake light and license plate illumination.

Bosch Tail light Cable sold separately.

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All Supernova tail lights are equipped with Twin Beam technology. This highly efficient technology combines two different beam angles so that you can be seen at any angle from behind, thereby enhancing your safety.
twin beam bike light

Compatible with Bosch electric bike powerpacks. The power supply is provided by your motor with a 6V DC voltage at the light output port.

Bosch Tail light Cable sold separately.

The electronics can communicate with modern e-bikes via automotive CAN or CANopen. Even without software communication, the integrated sensors control the light intelligently so that it functions on all popular e-bike systems.

Housing material Aluminum
Weight 25 g
L x W x B 22 x 61.5 x 11.6 mm
Power levels 6 V version 0.6 W / 1.1 W (brake light)
Power levels 12 V version 0.4 W / 0.9 W (brake light)
License plate illumination White SMD LEDs
Signalling LEDs 5 mm red high power LEDs
Installation 50 mm distance / M4 thread
Waterproof level IP67
ECE approval L-class e. g., L1e
Input voltage 6 V version & 12 V version
Connection 3-wired, (+ + -)
Warranty 5 years


Download the Supernova M99 E-Bike Light Manual for installation instructions.