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Exway X1 Electric Skateboard


Powered by dual rear hub motors, the Exway X1 high-performance electric skateboard provides the feel and ride of a traditional long board with almost limitless power on-demand.

The Exway X1 is totally programmable and features slow and gentle settings for beginners as well as advanced turbo-tuning for speeds up to 25 mph.

With its natural ride and dual hub motors, the Exway X1 electric skateboard is the perfect balance of traditional long boarding and technology.

Test ride at Electric Cyclery.

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Created by Riders for Riders
The Exway X1 combines high performance and traditional skateboarding into a powerful, highly-tuned electric skateboard.

exway electric skateboard– Features curved throttle response for smooth starts and acceleration
– Four modes to limit speed –
– Highly Customizable App
– Fault protection automatic soft brake
– Adaptive Brake function
– Intelligent remote with vibrating alerts

Radial concave depth and extra-wide width provide maximum control and a sure-footed stance.



exway electric skateboard


skateboard hub motorHigh-Performance Dual 350W Hub Motors
Direct drive, high efficiency, fully sealed motors, are water resistant & dustproof. All of this while maintaining lower operating temperatures.

The Exway X1 climbs up to 30% hill grades and provides an insane amount of torque (4.2 Nm !) for effortless elevation gains or ninja-quick getaways.

Belt-Free Hub Motor Design allows for free wheeling
Exway’s revolutionary hub motors are maintenance free and fully replaceable.  The EX1’s rear-drive design is belt-free and allows for the board to roll freely even if the power is off.


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exway skateboard controllerFully-Controlled Rides with Intelligent Bluetooth Remote
Bluetooth 4.0 – Energy efficient remote requires fewer charges and a reliable connection.
OLED Display – High-Definition OLED Screen for optimum visibility.
Speed Modes – Four speed options are available to adapt with your skill level.
Intuitive Dashboard – Real time speed, battery %, and swap speed modes on the fly. Easy remote interface with vibrating alerts.




36.8" long, 10.6" wide, 5.1" tall



Motor Power


Power Settings

Motor Control



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