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Yamaha CrossCore


The Yamaha CrossCore electric bike combines the efficiency of a road bike, the ergonomic comfort of a flat handlebar hybrid and Yamaha’s superior power-assist technology for an unrivaled ride from a name you can trust for quality.

While providing the smooth power assist expected by many e-bike users, Yamaha systems feature quicker acceleration, powerful climbing assistance and a natural-feeling amplification of your pedal strokes.

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Yamaha invented the world’s first electrically power assisted bicycle (the legendary PAS) in 1993. Since then Yamaha has been constantly innovating to deliver the easiest to use power assist e-bike systems available. Just one ride will leave you wanting more.

Advanced Design. This is what sets Yamaha apart from other electric bike drive systems:

yamaha cross core ebikeOnly Yamaha provides the option to use a double front chain-ring.

Integrated Rear Hub Speed Sensor – no spoke magnets to lose. Yamaha’s patented speed sensor recognizes the slightest change in speed and adjusts motor output to deliver a seamless power assist.

Three year transferable warranty – the best coverage available.

A revolutionary hybrid bicycle designed for efficiency and ergonomic comfort.

“The Yamaha Cross Core electric bike provides the power you need and relaxed electric ride that just plain feels good.”


yamaha cross core electric bikeThe Amazing Yamaha PW Series SE E-Bike Drive Unit
The CrossCore electric bike is designed around Yamaha’s cutting-edge PW Series SE center mount drive unit. Integrated into the bottom bracket, the PW drive provides a low center of gravity for exceptional handling and loads of torque.

Four levels of seamless yet powerful assistance come together to deliver a ride experience that feels natural, helpful and more like an organic bicycle-riding experience.


yamaha cross core bike batteryYamaha 500 Watt-hour Lithium-ion Bike Battery
Yamaha’s 500 Watt-hour Lithium-ion battery pack is made with the highest quality cells and provides reliable and predictable long-lasting energy to power your rides.

When you’ve been on a long ride and your battery is getting low, you can charge the battery pack on or off the Cross Core using Yamaha’s high speed battery charger.

An extra bonus for our smaller riders, Yamaha’s unique side docking battery mount allows for a bicycle frame design with a lower stand-over height for safe clearance.


cross-core-computer-yamaha-ebikeCompact Multi-Function Ultra-Durable Display Control Console
Yamaha’s LCD multi-function display is compact and loaded with features. The color-coded LED assist level indicator is easy to see at a glance in street traffic or bouncing down a trail.

The main LCD interface allows you to integrate with your electric bike. Speedometer, average speed, maximum speed, odometer, trip meter, battery capacity, battery range, cadence, clock and stopwatch are instantly available to view.

Yamaha added a USB power port and Bluetooth® connectivity to complete this highly advanced electric bike.


cross connect bike light yamahaLED Headlight built-in to guide the way.
The Yamaha CrossCore electric bike is equipped with a powerful LED headlight to help guide the way and help you be seen on the road.

The integrated headlight’s on/off button is built into CrossCore’s multi-function display housing for easy access while riding.


1995 yamaha bike motor

Yamaha’s extensive research and development led to the first prototype modern electric bicycle way back in the 1980’s. Read more about the  History of the Yamaha Electric Bike.

Since the early beginnings of electric bikes, Yamaha has been constantly innovating to deliver electric bike power assist systems that over-perform in real-world situations.

Yamaha is years ahead of the competition mostly because they had a 30-year head-start.


Yamaha Cross Core Electric Bike Specifications – Download Spec Sheet and Sizing Chart: