Whether you’re a city dweller, a student or just a little short of space, Montague bikes offer you a high-performance ride with the convenience of portability and stow-ability.

Gone are the days of hanging your bike in the hall or leaving it locked up outside at the mercy of bike thieves and the weather.

Founded in 1987, Montague is a manufacturer that designs and produces full-size folding bicycles for civilian and military customers. The Montague folding system unites the two parts of the frame with nested, concentric seat tubes. This allows a bike with a full-size frame to fold in half while maintaining structural integrity.

Montague’s patented seat tube folding system preserves the structural integrity and inherent strength of traditional bicycle geometry. Unlike other folding bikes, there are no hinges and no structural tubes cut in half.

You get lightweight, portable transportation with the solid ride and speed of a real bike.

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