Kalkhoff Impulse Technology

The German-Built Impulse electric bike motor is a unique E-Bike system where the frame, drive and chassis components are developed, coordinated and manufactured in one European factory to create the perfect package.

Built entirely in Germany and as if it was made from one piece.

The advanced Impulse 2.0 motor systems offer even greater power delivery: Powerful start-up across all assist levels and more rapid acceleration make for a safe, controlled ride in which the drive remains as quiet as a whisper – in other words, even more enjoyment.

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The new high-performance batteries offer power reserves for a range of up to 205 km under optimal condintions and also boast long life, carefully thought-out functions and extremely short charging time.

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Smoother Shift Sensor
Perfectly integrated in the Impulse system, the shift-sensor technology interrupts the power flow for fractions of a second with each gear-shift. Imperceptible for the rider, individually adjustable, for both hub gears and derailleur gears.

Back Pedal Braking
Faster, safer braking and stopping thanks to a 30% shorter braking angle: Kalkhoff invented the back-pedal function in E-bikes and has advanced and improved its back-pedal brake system in leaps and bounds.

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Test rides are available at Electric Cyclery.