Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

electric bikes made in germany kalkhoff

Kalkhoff is the leader in premium electric commuter bikes with unparalleled technology and performance capabilities. Designed, manufactured and individually assembled in Germany for the highest quality standards and seamless integration.

Blurring the lines between luxury and utility, Kalkhoff bikes are the best in their class with the powerful yet quiet Bosch mid-drive motors and batteries pack. With up to 80 mile range on one charge, it is clear that Kalkhoff sets a new standard for electric bikes. 

derby cycle germanyKalkhoff electric bikes are designed, manufactured and expertly assembled at Derby Cycles in Cloppenburg, Germany to the highest quality standards. Founded in 1919, Derby Cycle is the largest bicycle manufacturer in Germany and one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in Europe.

pon focus kalkhoff electric bikesKalkhoff’s American distributor is PON Holding based in Carlsbad, California.  PON provides support, warranty services and replacement parts to the US market from their headquarters in Southern California.

In-store sales only.  No internet sales or shipping.

kalkhoff german built electric bikes

 Please call 949 715 2345 to check model and size availability. 

Test rides are available at Electric Cyclery.